Workshops for Shiatsu practitioners

Currently, Nicola teaches a weekend workshops for Shiatsu practitioners and 3rd year Shiatsu Students.
“Supporting a healthy menstrual cycle and Fertility with Shiatsu” An opportunity for you to understand how best to energetically support a woman’s changing needs during the monthly cycle; we will look at what can be considered healthy at different stages and how best to support fertility. We will explore both the 12 meridians as well as the Extraordinary Vessels. This course will be mainly experiential, but will also look at Eastern and Western theories and approaches. It introduces the Wellmother approach to working on the four Core Extraordinary Vessels: Penetrating, Girdle, Conception and Govenor Vessels. See Nicola’s article for Shiatsu Society on a Healthy menstrual cycle. Next course dates: Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd of September 2018 Venue: Dorking, Surrey Fee: £150 (or £135 early bird discount if booked by 20th July 2018). Booking: contact Nicola by e-mail for a booking form.
This workshop is taught in a small group. It is a Wellmother Foundation courses and can lead to studying for a one year Wellmother diploma course in maternity care. See for more details on the diploma course.